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Pre-MOT health check

Health Check

See what your vehicle needs to run efficiently!

Prices from FREE

Tyre conditions, tread depth
Interior and exterior lights
Brake wear and operation
Visual inspection of engine, drive belts and hoses
MOT test station for class 4 and class 7 vehicles


Support Wilson's, your local MOT garage!

Prices from *£25.00 + VAT

Class 4 MOT (Cars)
Class 7 MOT - tests are for Goods Vehicles including vans, motorhomes and pickups.
Reception waiting area with coffee facilities.
Wilson's friendly staff to help and advise.


If we complete a service and any additional repairs, this cost will be deducted from your final invoice..

Price £45.00 + VAT

ABS Brakes
Air Conditioning Services
Engine, warning lights and inspection of vehicle
Car servicing


For your engine to run efficiently, have your vehicle serviced, this will reduce engine wear, improve on vehicle performance and fuel economy.

Price from *£65.00 + VAT

Interim service - oil and filter change - Essential top-ups (screenwash & power steering fluid)
Full Service - Air + Oil and filter change, Transmission oil, clutch fluid check and top-up - Alignment, suspension and cooling system, Brake, tyre checks
Major Service - All of above - Engine - Brakes - Suspension check - All filters - Full inspection and Diagnostics
FREE Car Jet Wash with any service level
Hydroflow engine clean

Hydroflow - Carbon Cleaner

The complete engine clean! Reduces fuel cost and engine wear!

Prices from *£75.00 + VAT

Carbon clean - Engine - Turbo
Carbon clean - EGR - DPF
Carbon clean - CAT
Carbon clean - Exhaust
ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

Improve on performance and fuel economy!

Price £199.00 + VAT

Results in better fuel economy under normal driving
Gives you more torque
20-30% increase in bhp
Removes flat spots for a smoother power delivery

3D 4x Wheel Laser Alignment

Reduces tyre wear! Reduces fuel cost!

Price £45.00 + VAT

Three angles of wheel alignment are checked
Improve the performance of the car’s steering
Improve the performance of the car’s suspension system
Reduces tyre wear and fuel cost